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1st September, 2023

Rotary Ideal study conducted at Muktainagar school

रोटरी क्लब पुणे शिवाजी नगर  तर्फे जे.ई.स्कूल मुक्ताई नगर १०वी च्या  300 मुलांसाठी  Ideal Study अँप स्पॉन्सर करण्यात आले.  ह्या साठी झूम मीटिंग द्वारे संवाद साधण्यात आला. त्यासाठी रोटरी क्लब पुणे शिवाजी नगर च्या अध्यक्षा डॉ . स्मिता जोग आणि रो. अंजली रावेतकर , रो. माधुरी गोखले आणि रोटरी क्लब पुणे शिवाजी नगर चे अनेक मेंबर आणि ideal study प च्या वंदना खानविलकर ह्यांनी झूम मीटिंग द्वारे जे. ई स्कूल च्या शिक्षक आणि मुलांशी संवाद साधला.
डॉ . स्मिता जोग आणि रो. अंजली रावेतकर ह्यांनी रोटरी संस्थेची माहिती दिली आणि रोटरी Ideal Study अँप प्रोजेक्ट बद्दल माहिती दिली. वंदना खानविलकर ह्यांनी Ideal Study अँप  कसे वापरायचे  ह्यांची सखोल माहिती दिली. तसेच शिक्षक व मुलांनी विचारलेल्या प्रश्नांची उत्तरे दिली. मुक्ताई नगर एज्युकेशन संस्थेचे  सचिव डॉ. सी. एस. चौधरी ह्यांनी आभार प्रदर्शन केले. ही झूम मीटिंग जे.ई.स्कूल मुक्ताईनगर येथून रो. संजीव चौधरी ह्यांनी organize केली.

2nd September, 2023

District Vocational Awards

 District Vocational Awards Seminar was conducted on 2nd September. Our club was one of the participant in the same. Mr. Anil Vyas was our club awardee.

3rd September, 2023

RYLA at Modern College

A second session of the RYLA of Vijay Divas was scheduled on 3rd September 2023 at BRGS Lata Mangeshkar Sabhagrih of Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce.
Col. Pol and Col. Nair gave a talk on SSB Examination Preparation.

3rd September, 2023


अलका अभ्यंकर

 सार्थक सेवा संघामध्ये सप्टेंबर महिन्याचे धान्य, सामान  पोहोचले. सर्व डोनर्स चे आभार.
शिक्षक दिना निमित्त ‘ शिक्षक भेट कार्ड ‘ अनेक शिक्षकांना पाठवण्यात आले.

8th September, 2023

मूक बधिर शाळेचे प्रदर्शन

Anns committee

आपटे मूकबधिर शाळेतील मुलांनी बनवलेल्या वस्तूंचा स्टॉल  PP मृणाल नेर्लेकर च्या पुढाकाराने संकुल ह्या मोठ्या सोसायटीच्या पोर्च मधे 8 सप्टेंबर ला 5 ते 7.30 ह्या वेळात लावला होता. चांगला response मिळाला. आशिष नेर्लेकर ह्यांनी खूप मदत केली. प्रेसिडेंट डॉ. स्मिता जोग, अंजली रावेतकर, शोभना दाते,अंजली गाडगीळ, मृणाल आणि आशिष नेर्लेकर उपस्थित होते.  

11th September, 2023

Counseling at Muktangan School

Rtn Anjali Ravetkar

RCP Shivajinagar is conducting series of counseling workshops at Muktagan school for last 3 months. On 11th September counseling workshop was conducted for 8th, 9th and 10th standard  girls on the topic, “Personal Boundaries and Gender Sensitization. Approx 200 girl students attended this workshop conducted by PP Vrinda and Rtn.Manjari. This workshop was conducted with the help of interactive games and activities. They also gave few useful tips to students as to how to handle life situations.

14th September, 2023

Exhibition at Mahatma Society

अंजली गाडगीळ

14 सप्टेंबर ला आपटे मूक बधीर शाळेच्या मुलांनी बनवलेल्या वस्तूंचा स्टॉल महात्मा सोसायटी 5 ते 7.30 ह्या वेळात प्रेसिडेंट स्मिता ताईंच्या पुढाकाराने लावला होता. त्याला overwhelming response मिळाला. खूप आनंद झाला. मुलांच्या, त्यांच्या शिक्षकांच्या कष्टाचे चीज झाले.  प्रेसिडेंट स्मिताताई आणि ann अंजली गाडगीळ उपस्थित होत्या.

16th September, 2023

Interact Installation was conducted at Blind Girls School

We have Interact Club in Pune Home and School for Blind Girls in Kothrud for last many years. The installation for the year 23-24 took place recently.

23rd September, 2023

Literacy Seminar

Rtn Vijay Gokhale

“Vivaan”: Rays of Knowledge—the Literacy Seminar on 30th September started with the singing of The National Anthem folllowed by Saraswati Pooja. After the initial welcome and logistic details, both the host clubs gave presentations about their club. After the introduction to the Seminar the panel discussions started.
Excellent panel discussions took place where different clubs explained how they were able to do their projects and money was not the constraint. The main point highlighted by all was that even with limited resources but with active participation by Rotary members and the community the projects can be made successful.
Projects of Adult Literacy and Child Development and E learning and Happy Anganwadi etc were covered. And as the projects move ahead it is seen that funds do come in.
The panel discussions was moderated by DLCC Sameer Rupani.
The entire Literacy Seminar program was conducted very well by Archhiita Maadkke.
After the panel discussion, felicitation of special awardees was done. These awardees have contributed to learning and literacy across the country for large number of beneficiaries.
Thereafter Awards in various category were given to different Clubs.
This was followed by promotion through a skit for District Conference “Confluence” to be held on 20-21 January 2024.
Then Vocational Excellence Award was presented to Dr. Ms.Swati Majumdar. Pro-Chancellor of Symbiosis Skill Development and Professional University. Introduction of Dr.Swati was done by PP Vrinda Walimbe. Dr.Swati talked about Skill Development. She has worked in the field of Distance Education after her return from USA. Using technology, Symbiosis has been able to spread education to remote areas in the country, at a reasonable cost. Symbiosis Distance Education now  covers 40 countries and over a lakh students.She mentioned that student centric and outcome based learning was promoted by Symbiosis. She said that skill development is essential  for our students and for the growth and development of our country .
After the talk by Dr.Swati a short film on Skill Development was shown.
This was followed by an AV presentation on DG Manjoo Phadke. DG Manjoo Phadke then gave  her concluding remarks for the seminar. President Ninad Jog and President Smita Jog were felicitated by DG Manjoo and Rotarian Sameer for organising the District Literacy Seminar.
Vote of Thanks was given by RCPS President Dr.Smita Jog.
Entire program of reception, breakfast and lunch, back stage arrangements were handled by following RCPS participants: Rtn Deepa Sathe, PP Nitin Abhyankar, Rtn Ajay Godbole, Rtn Nitin Naik, PP Ujwal Marathe, Rtn Pramod Pathak, PP Anjali Ravetkar, PP Vrinda Walimbe, PP Sharad Dole, Rtn Dr. Bharati Dole, PP Dr. Shobhatai Rao, PP Dr. Suryaprakasa Rao, Sachin Joglekar, President Dr.Smita Jog, Rtn Vijay Gokhale, Ann Anjali Gadgil, Rtn Manjiri Dhamankar, Rtn Sanjeev Choudhary, P P Shirish Kshirsagar; along with an enthusiastic team from RC Pune Yuva.

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