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January, 2024

माध्यमिक शाळेत ९४ मुलींचे rubella लसीकरण झाले

1st January, 2024

जानेवारीला सार्थक सेवा संघामध्ये महिन्याचे धान्य पोहोचले.

माध्यमिक शाळेत ९४ मुलींचे rubella लसीकरण झाले

2nd January, 2024

जानेवारीला मुलींच्या अंध शाळेत  रुबेलाचे लसीकरण झाले.

5th January, 2024

LGBTQ Seminar

On 5th Jan Friday, there was a DEI program focusing on LGBT community in Firodia Hall Bhandarkar institute.
After Seema’s four-way test and welcome by Pradip, a video was shown by a DEI member.
Pre. Smita Tai introduced Bindu Madhav Khire, the first speaker of the program. Then a vocational award was given to Umang Sheth for which all district directors were invited on the stage. Umang Sheth gave a very enthusiastic speech convincing everybody to accept the facts about LGBT community. The citation was read by Yatish.
Then the next speaker was Uttara Jadhav. She explained how she accepted her only son who is different but a very nice person, and how strongly she supported him and requested everybody to support him. She was introduced by Poonam.
Then Dr. Bharati introduced the next speaker Tina Batra who told the Rotarians about how the rotary club is taking efforts to help this community in different ways and how we can join her for the same.
Then Jyotindra made announcements about LGBT counseling centers. Manoj concluded the meeting while a vote of thanks was given by Iyer. The meeting was closed by Pradip. The meeting was followed by dinner. This discussion was an eye opener for most of us.

Ann Shobhana Date

8th January, 2024

मूक बधिर शाळेत पुस्तकांचे वाटप

मूक बधिर शाळेत २१ अपेक्षित पुस्तकांचे वाटप झाले.

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