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Our Participation in District

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Club Administration Seminar Ayojan

6th August

PE Dr Smita Jog

On the 6th of August  Rotary Club of Pune Sahawas and Rotary Club of Pune Phoenix jointly organised a seminar for club administrators at Garden court.

The meeting was called to order by the president of Phoenix club, Rtn Pradnya Dange. 

 Following the presentations of host and cohost clubs, DG. Dr Anil Parmar gave opening remarks. The unveiling of the Literacy bulletin was done.

During this seminar, various ways of effective club administration were discussed. Silver, Gold and platinum citation were given to various clubs depending upon their performance. Our club got a platinum citation.

Presidents of 6 clubs were invited to share their success stories. RCPS was one of them. President Dr Mrinal told the principles on which our club functions. She did it in a crispy and impressive manner. She said we follow  six Cs

Compliances lead to credibility.

Communication – Leads to good relationships and assimilation 

Creativity– For deciding on good Programmes, fellowships and Bulletin.

Consistency– In everything eg. Meetings BoDs, Projects

 Culture– eg Ekankika Natya spardha, Sanyukta Dani 

Changing- with Times

The chief guest for this event was RI director Elect  Anirudh Roy Choudhary. During his address, he said that the rotary clubs should have meaningful projects so that effective PI can be created and thereby we can attract the people to be members of the rotary club.

Rtn. Shantanu Khurjekar gave vote of thanks.

The seminar was followed by drinks and a delicious dinner.

 A total of 290 participants were there.

President Dr. Mrinal Nerlekar, club admin. Dr. Smita Jog, secretary Rtn. Pramod Pathak, PP Sharad Dole, Ann. Neha and Ann Kalyani from our club attended the seminar.

District membership awards - Indradhanu

20th August

PP Vrinda Walimbe

PP Vrinda Walimbe was MOC for district membership ward function Indradhanu. Our club felicitated in recognition of “Women Membership growth “ as we have inducted our new lady Rotarian Ms Nadini Sohoni. This certificate was received by President Dr Mrinal Nerlikar and Membership Director Rtn Dr Bharati Dole.

We also received an award for maximum registration from the club which was nine. PDG Dr Deepak, PP Vrinda Walimbe, PP Sharad Dole, PP CD Mahajan, President Dr Mrinal, Secretary Rtn Pramod, Membership Director Rtn Dr Bharati, Rtn Nitin Naik and  Ann Dr Shilpa Naik attended the function.

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