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Pradeep Godbole

Pradeep Godbole scored a century on 23rd february against Rest of the World team in the Over 60s World Cup.
His team management had dropped him from the team for first four matches. He got selected because 2 players were injured.
His reputation was at stake.
It was so tiring in these hot and humid weather at Chennai but he battled on.
Finally he pulled a muscle and had to retire (not out) 108.
Unfortunately they lost this match also.
It is indeed very creditable that he scored a century at the age of 66.5 years. Pradeep received this trophy for scoring a century in Over 60s Cricket World Cup held at Chennai Feb-March 2024.

RCPShivajians are proud of you.

Rtn Avinash Kulkarni's grandson Rishabh

Rtn Avinash Kulkarni’s grandson Rishabh’s first publication. He is doing PhD in the National Brain Reaseach Centre in Manesar, near Gurugram.
This publication is based on Rishabh’s research for his Master’s thesis on TMS which stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. It is a way to stimulate parts of the brain by inducing an electrical current in it. By activating part of the brain and seeing what happens you can understand the functions of that part. However since the brain is highly interconnected, stimulating one part also activates many other areas. Until now there was no way to accurately measure and understand how TMS affects the entire brain, and that is what my study provides. With this we can better understand and use this valuable technique for research and clinical applications.
For the complete article please click on the link below:

Rtn Shaam Arjunwadkar

The ‘National Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology’ in Ranchi (Formerly NIFFT) has attained the esteemed status of a ‘Deemed University.’
As the Chairman of this prestigious institute appointed by the Government of India (Ministry of Education), Sham has been steering the institution toward progress for the past few years. This achievement marks a crucial milestone, opening doors to fulfilling our broader objectives that will greatly benefit students and the industry at large, fostering the development of essential entrepreneurial skills.

Secretary and PE Bharati Dole

Secretary and PE Bharati Dole was invited as a Guest Speaker st National seminar on Innovation at S B PATIL Management Institutes. She spoke on Innovation and Intellectual Property. Speech was very well received by the audience. 

Vrinda Walimbe

Vrinda conducted Mental Health Awareness program for 8th standard students in NCL school as part of Rotary Action Group activities. 

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