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PDG Dr Deepak Shikarpur

Deepak’s article on moonlighting challenges and policy making was published.

Felicitated by DG and PDG Mohan for getting nominated as representative of RID 3131 for council on legislation to be held in Chicago in April.2025.

Maharashtra times on Nostalgic childhood memories of Stay in Solapur.

Deepak’s article on Future Vision for next 22 years was published in Lokmat . Banks, Colleges, Post offices, Theatres may not exist as we see them in future . AI, Analytics, Robotics, Drones with 8 G bandwidth will make world a different place.

Deepak’s article in   Lokmat newspaper on New age career “Podcasting”.

PDG Dr Deepak delivered a fun-filled lecture in RCP LokamanyNagar – 

रोटरीमधील गमती -जमती

PP Sham Arjunwadkar

Presented Keynote address at International Conference on Precision, Micro,Meso and Nano Engineering  ‘COPEN 12’.organized by IIT Kanpur .

PP Chandrashekhar Yardi
PP Shirish Kshirsagar

Shrish participated by showcasing some of his finest water colour painting in an exhibition . The exhibition was called “Gurudakshina “ where students of world famous artist – Milind Mulick -exhibited their paintings.

Annette Rutawari Sharma

PP Vinoo Bhau Dani’s daughter  Rutawari Sharma , who lives in Sunnyvale , California , USA , has been selected to the  ‘Sunnyvale City Council’ , as ‘Commissioner for Heritage Prevention’ .  She took the ‘Oath of Office ‘.

Rtn Manjiri Dhamnakar

‘Gender sensitization’ – a subject that is the need of the hour. Baya Karve stree abhyas kendra, Savitribai Phule Pune University and NSS started this campaign jointly last year. I am one of the mentors and also a lecturer on the panel of extra mural studies department of the University. As a part of that, I was invited to Pratibha college, Chinchwad for a lecture on gender sensitization. The subject was totally new for the students but they were very attentive and receptive.

This needs to reach far and wide

मंजिरीने अनुवादित केलेल्या चेतन जोशी यांच्या कॉकटेल कार्निवल या पुस्तकाचे प्रकाशन होत असताना.

रोटरी तर्फे एकट्या प्रतिमा ने प्रतिनिधित्व केल्याबद्दल तिचे शतशः आभार. तिने पुस्तकाचे परीक्षण खूप छान वाचले

मंजिरीचा  “भाषा सौन्दर्य ” हा लेख सकाळ मध्ये प्रकाशित झाला.

Annette Devashish Gokhale

Devashish was one of the two PhD students from MIT got an invite to attend “The Invite Only Event” hosted by Prince William and Princess of Wales which was attended by other celebrities like David Beckham, a US Senator, the Mayor of Boston besides others.

PP Vrinda Walimbe

Felicitation after Vrinda   presented paper in National Conference of Transactional Analysis in Trivandrum

PP Vrinda was invited as a speaker for Weekly meeting of RC Poona West (our parent club) . She talked about Mindfulness. It was good experience to have lots of interaction with members on the topic after the talk. 

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