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PDG Dr Deepak Shikarpur

Deepak’s  article in   Lokmat newspaper on career in language technologies (langtech) a new option for all ages.

Deepak’s  Interview published in Corporate Tycoons on current trends in IT Sector.

Lokmat Newspaper.  1 I went to address a meeting and got a chit from organisers , chief guest is stuck in traffic so keep speaking until we tell you . 2  A MoC thanked me from “Heart of Bottom” instead of Bottom of Heart.   I have a long list of such hilarious incidences.

Deepa’s Article in   Tarun Bharat on “Personal Digital Data Security” a New Bill proposed by Union Government. Its need of the hour in todays times where Personal Data of users and Privacy is compromised in many ways.

It was a great pleasure to address academic experts in Edufest at MCCIA with Dina Kholkar Evp TCS and Sunil Kulkarni Founder Fideltech Japan

On the occasion of  World Computer Literacy Day Maharastra Times has published Dr Deepak’s – Digital Literacy Activist’s  interview.

Dr Deepak’s interview was published in Sakal on the occasion of World Computer Literacy Day.

Dr Deepak’s  48th book on Cybersafe Life was  released by Hon Education Minister Chandrakantdada Patil and Padmbhushan Dr Vijay Bhatkar.  

रो. अश्विनी अंबिके

RCP मेट्रो ने आयोजित केलेल्या २ मिनिट जलवा ”   या स्पर्धेत रो.  अश्विनी अंबिके हिच्या  “Creative Jams”  या संस्थेच्या “चौकटीबाहेर” या स्किट ला प्रथम क्रमांक मिळाला.

तसेच तिच्या “नाटकाची शाळा ” या संस्थेच्या मुलांच्या “उबुंतू ” या सादरीकरणाला पण प्रथम क्रमांक मिळाला.

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